Healthy vines with improved longevity and enhanced quality production.

With VINE MASTER PRUNERS Academy this dream can become your reality.

Avoid common pruning mistakes.

Find out how correct pruing can help your vines live longer, be halthier and more resilient. 

Train your pruning team and increase their work efficiency.  


Each year established vineyards commonly start to lose productivity as they age, especially when infected with grapevine trunk diseases (GTD), ultimately compromising overall wine production.

Pruning can directly influence the vines longevity, their productivity and overall grape quality and annual wine production totals.
Changing your approach to pruning you can boost your vine health and improve vineyard longevity.



This is what happens at the wineries that don’t apply SIMONIT&SIRCH pruning Method:

Grapevine trunk diseases



Over time, grapevine trunk diseases, such as Eutypa, can compromise the vines’ health, with possible loss of productivity or grape quality, or even premature decline of the vineyard itself

Irregular productivity


Quantity and quality of the grapes vary significantly as the vine matures depending on the collective impact annual pruning has on each vines own vascular system. Unexpected climatic events only intensify the effect due to a compromised vascular system (sap flow)

Increased decision-making impact on work management


Structural formation changes created due to the limited understanding of the collective consequences caused by annual pruning, result in uneven vine structural formation of the whole vineyard, represented as lower potential vineyard quality and reduced work efficiency over time



Watch this video by Marco Simonit in which he analyses 15-year-old spur pruned vine plants that have been pruned for years with the repositioning cut (return cut) and crown head (multiple localized cuts).

We see how these techniques which do not allow for branching can cause deterioration of the plants, unbalanced shoot development and grape production and loss of the vegetative points.

Incorrect pruning can cause problems even after 15 years only.
In this video Marco Simonit comments on the most common mistakes that can bring to these consequences.

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