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Making a crown cut

  • Making a crown cut

  • clint.taylor91

    22 Marzo 2022 at 10:01

    Hey guys,

    I dont know how to post a photo up here which is a shame because i have a lot of good examples to help my case.

    When removing a shoot that is underneath the cordon, or a shoot from a spur you didn’t like.

    To respect the crown buds, do you make the cut before the basal bud or after?

    I have lost of photos to provide that show you the potential cut positions.

    Thanks so much!!

    Happy pruning!!


    22 Marzo 2022 at 13:38

    Dear Clint,

    the way to post a picture is very easy: in the bottom part of the box you are using for reply there is a camera icon, you simply click on it. Then you can simply drag a file (jpg image) from you pc and drop it in the box “drop image here to upload”.

    Than you jus have to wait for the file transfer. When a green “tick” is over your image it means it is transfered. than you have just to click on “post”.

    If you are using a smartphone you click in the same camera icon in the bottom part of the reply box. Than you simply click on “drop images here to upload”, your pictures gallery in the phone will be open. Than you choose the picture(S) and you confirm. After the transfer click on “post” icon.

  • clint.taylor91

    23 Marzo 2022 at 10:28


    The box i’m currently typing my reply into doesn’t have a camera icon anywhere. It has text editing options and an option to add links etc, but there is no camera icon to be found. I’d love to provide a screenshot but that is my problem in the first place.



    23 Marzo 2022 at 16:51

    Dear Clint, the icon it is just next to the text options. (check the red circle in the picture i added).

  • clint.taylor91

    23 Marzo 2022 at 20:05

    Hi, there is no camera image next to the A.a on either the phone website or desktop version. For me it only displays Aa. Where your red circle is, is completely blank. I have tried this on different web browsers too. Sorry to be a pain.

  • Rocco

    24 Marzo 2022 at 12:48

    Ciao Ragazzi , anche io non ho l’icona della macchina fotografica e non riesco a caricare le foto.

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