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  • Dan McLaughlin

    18 Novembre 2022 at 22:40

    With the way that you are pruning in these videos what is your average yield per acre in us tons bilateral Guyot vs bilateral spurred pruning methods?


    21 Novembre 2022 at 19:46

    The yeld is very connected to many factors: number of buds, vigor of the plants, soil, economical targets.

    For example you could decide to reduce the amount of grapes in order to increase the quality.

    So it’s not only a point of pruning. We can say that the Method (not only pruning but also the proper shoot thinning) can preserve the storage of nutrients inside the living wood, the sap supply, and leads the plants to grow more homogeneous shoots. That can bring to :

    1) homogeneity of blossoming

    2) floral induction in the buds (=more production for next year)

    3) homogeneity of ripening

    4) good distribution of canopy (=grapes more healty)

    And most also, you can prevent losing the spurs in vegetative points. For example, If you have a plant with 6 points (=12 shoots and 24 grapes) but you loose 2 of them because of pruning with crown head technique you will have 8 shoots and 16 grapes…

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