Pruning in wet weather

  • Pruning in wet weather

  • Chris King

    10 Gennaio 2023 at 18:59

    I had asked this question during the spurred cordon training but did not really get a clear answer..

    It is very wet in California now and pruning needs to begin soon. Does this pruning method make it less likely for the vines to contract Eutypa or Esca or should we continue to wait for dryer weather to begin pruning as we have done in the past?


    2 Febbraio 2023 at 19:03

    Eutypa agents can use pruning wounds to enter in the plant. It is a good practice if you avoid the pruning during wet and rainy weather. It seems fine choice also a delayed pruning, in order to:

    – have a plant more efficient for healing pruning wounds

    – have radical pressure working and a ascendent sap flow. In this way the agents can have more difficouties to enter in the vascular system

    S&S method principles explain how to prune using mostly small cuts and preserve the basal buds , which are important for healing process. If you follow this principles can be consideeed good practices in prevention of esca and Eutypa.

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