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  • Young plant/sucker training

  • clint.taylor91

    27 Ottobre 2022 at 12:13

    When training young plants, is there any further action required after selecting the best 2 shoots up until winter?

    Do we remove laterals along the way, are we removing any leaf and just keeping the apical tip and 4 top shoots or buds?

    Same questions apply to suckers selected from the ground to train up.

    What process are you guys using!!

  • clint.taylor91

    29 Ottobre 2022 at 12:16

    A bit of context…

    So i’ve got a fresh plant from the nursery, i select the best 2 shoots as per the lessons, is there any further action needed or do you let the 2 shoots get up to the wire before winter? Would this not slow the development of the vine? Do you remove lower laterals, or any leaf ?

    So i have some suckers from old vines i want to train as new vines. Again do you just let the sucker grow up to the cordon and train or a further process like leaf removal, or lateral removals.

    Keen to hear you Marco, Carlos and all our beautiful members!!


    1 Novembre 2022 at 19:52

    Dear Clint,

    You should prioritize the roots development in that stage. If you have just planted the young plants, and you still have to prune them you should simply let them grow. If you prune them the first time, and you created a spur (as it is described in vine pruner advanced course) you should select two shoots developed from the 2 buds you kept in the spur and take off the others. Keep them safe using a light tie. Keep only 2 shoot (or 1). Then you should wait for the next pruning. You can set up the trunk only if the plant has medium or strong vigour.

  • clint.taylor91

    3 Novembre 2022 at 10:02

    Thanks so much for the reply VMP.

    I like the idea of root development vs trunk development early on.

    Ok, just to confirm. From the 2 shoot selection on young vines, there is no pruning, ;lateral removal, leaf removal you just let them grow wild until winter?

    If i came across a sucker from an existing vine that was not managed properly that i wished to train up as a new trunk, is it the same process as above or do you remove laterals and leaf to speed up the growing process to the wire?

    Lots of different educational material here in australia that sometimes doesn’t align with the S&S environment.

    Cheers guys! Thanks

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