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  • Seasonal vineyard worker in Denmark

  • valeriacavagnetto

    16 Febbraio 2023 at 13:02

    We are looking for 2 experienced and dedicated persons during the peak season in June and July 2023.

    We are a small winery dedicated to quality Pinot Noir Précoce production in Denmark. The journey into winegrowing began for us in 2010 and we have now established 2,5 hectares.

    Our growing principles are focused on quality production and we try to manage our vineyards to the great love and respect of the plants and nature.

    You will be joining myself and Valeria who runs the vineyard throughout the year. We will both be helping in the fields and working as one team.

    We speak English, Italian, and Danish. (A little Spanish and German).

    The job is to manage the vines. In June and July, we are tying up the vines and trim leaves to help the grapes start their maturing in perfect conditions. As we follow organic principles and seek to produce quality grapes these tasks are of critical importance.

    We are therefore looking for experienced help that also is motivated by the quality of their work.

    The working time is covering June and July on regular working hours (37,5 hours at week) or subject to other agreements.

    The salary is on attractive conditions and we will help support registrations and practical matters with your stay.

    Please write or call me for further information. I will be happy to answer any questions.

    Sune Albertsen

    Phone +45 31904180


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  • valeriacavagnetto

    15 Marzo 2023 at 10:11

    We are still searching for two people for this position.

    The pay will be 27 EUR per Hour.

    Write us if interested.

    Phone +45 31904180


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