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  • Ard

    20 Maggio 2021 at 17:40


    I’m Ard from the Netherlands and we prune our vineyard thats is almost 20 years old in the Simonit&Sirch method for a couple of years now.

    I have a question about repostion the choosen spur for last year. In the picture you see the example. A spur with 2 visible buds – the one on the right, is kept longer to bend the spur a bit upright and – is choosen last winter. But it is very low and now we loose a lot of good wood. But if next winter I choose to make a spur more close to the wire and cut this spur (with spare wood of course) , I create a wound in the sapflow. So what is the best advice on this matter?


    Thank you very much. Ard


  • Luca

    23 Maggio 2021 at 17:06

    Hi Ard,

    The Spur that you have left on the right hand side is too low and leads to you losing a significant amount of living wood above.

    So the suggestion is to stay at the end of the top right hand branch that is in any case below the bending wire.

    If next winter you choose to cut the long spur that you left, you will indeed make a wound on the sap flow but leaving the right amount of spare wood (twice the diameter of the two year old wood), you will protect the plant and the sap flow from deep dieback which is negative for the plant. The loss of living wood in this case will be minimal.

    Other wise now that you are ready for the shoot selection/green pruning (suckering), you can remove all the shoots coming from this long spur, so the cane will be already dry this winter. You can easily remove it at the base respecting the crown/basal buds (the long spur will remain as one year old wood).

    Hope this helps?

  • Simone

    31 Maggio 2021 at 23:20


    in my opinion the spur you left in the trunk is too low, most of all in the right hand the branch doesn’t need to be renew. I would simply use the first shoot (lower-external) from the cane to build up a spur next year and I would use the second shoot for the new cane.

    Concerning the old spur in the right hand (up the head) you could :

    – clean the shoots in spring ( you need 2 well-developed shoots in the old cane ).

    – keep the shoots and cut them off in winter (create a spare wood).

    The low cane on the right hand in the trunk you should clean all the shoot and cut it off in winter respecting the basal buds.

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