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  • If The main bud not start

  • argun

    8 Settembre 2021 at 16:55

    Hello to all!

    What have we to do if first bud on the bottom of spur not started on springtime. Guyuot. Which cane we have to choose next winter for the new spur?

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  • Simone

    9 Settembre 2021 at 15:07

    My opinion: you should choose only the cane coming from the spur, bend it tightly in the wire and wait for :

    A) basal buds shoots from the Lower part of the spur and safe one of it (yellow circle area)

    B) take one of the first shoots from the cane bent. The one in good position in row-direction (blue arrow)

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  • argun

    11 Settembre 2021 at 14:42

    Thank you!

  • Simone

    19 Settembre 2021 at 21:38

    That’s it : if you dont have a good spur you simply make only a cane bent. And wait for new shoots in good position!

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