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    6 Settembre 2021 at 23:00

    Hello VMP Academy Students, today we will speak about the importance to follow some simple rules to prune respecting the vine’s sap flow.

    Looking at this small summary you will learn about some principles about gentle grapevine pruning.

    Let’s share some principles about grapevine Cordon/Spur pruning…

    To avoid wood/conducting tissue necrosis at the arm and spur levels, the following recommendations are provided (figure 1) :

    1) To position the pruning wounds always on the same side of the arm

    2) The Simonit & Sirch method for Cordon pruning will lead over years to an increase in the height of the spurs, and it is a good thing because it will increase the wood quantity/arm and improve fruit zone microclimate!

    3) At the spur level it is recommended to alternate the pruning wounds, which will allow to increase vertically the height of the spurs

    4) Simplified and severe pruning regime should be proscribed in the framework of the prevention and management of ESCA


    A. Deloire

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