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    1 Ottobre 2021 at 23:42

    Would you like to know more about that ?

    Gramaje, D., & Armengol, J. (2011). “Fungal trunk pathogens in the grapevine propagation process: potential inoculum sources, detection, identification, and management strategies”. Plant Disease, 95(9), 1040-1055.

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    Lecomte P., Diarra B., Boisseau M., Weingartner S., Rey P., (2021). Preventing ESCA in Vitis vinifera by proscribing vine training systems or mutilating pruning methods, IVES Technical Reviews,

    OIV publications, 1st Edition: May 2016 (Paris, France ; ISBN : 979-10-91799-60-7) untitled « Grapevine trunk disease. A review »