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  • clint.taylor91

    6 Settembre 2021 at 11:01


    I have completed the Guyot/Spurred Cordon courses and have every intention to move to the advance courses.

    Everything you have listed sounds perfect and i cannot wait to sign up and progress into these courses.

    Our vineyard is adopting the S&S method as we speak and i’ve been told that there is a local vineyard in Mudgee Australia that has adopted the S&S from scratch and guess what! No trunk rot, no dieback. All healthy living tissue. Marco visited our town of Mudgee one day on a tour of Australia to give some training i believe.

    Thanks anyways guys, i look forward to the new advance courses and i cant wait for them to come out. If you need any early beta testers please let me know id be happy to help out.

    Cheers guys. All the best!