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  • Piet

    13 Agosto 2021 at 11:20

    HI Simone,

    Thanks for your reply. Indead, you have to download the pdf to see all the pictures.
    I also asked a German expert in Esca to comment on this. He said that this year they observerd also leaves an canes to die very suddenly. There is a acute an chronic form of esca. The actute form shows no symptoms in the wood and it can be triggered with a lot of rain followed by heavy sunlight and increased tranpiration so the toxins get transported easily in the leaves. The talk about apoplectic symtoms, a stroke. They observed this also on very young plants, even in the nursery.
    I noticed this on a few plants, all the others are normal, except the peronospora this year.
    You’r right, I’ve started branching, so the in the future it becomes better I hope. I will try to rebuild the affected plants far below the crown.