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  • Luca

    25 Aprile 2021 at 02:08

    2021 Harvest notes:

    It was the latest harvest ever by 2/3 weeks, according to everyone.

    The harvest for sparkling wines normally starts around the first few days of January: this year it started well after January 20th.

    February was a cold month that did not speed up ripening but allowed for phenolic ripeness development that was almost perfect for white and early red varieties.

    In March there was rain that prevented wilting on the late reds but long waits to reach the proper phenolic ripeness. Eventually they arrived and those who work with the highest quality are really happy with this vintage.


    Correct malolactic fermentation, without problems, also thanks to the right temperatures at the end of March / beginning of April.

    The harvest of the red varieties ended at with the beginning of April. The cellar works proceed exclusively on the late harvested red grapes.


    Production in general dropped by 20/25% but was expected following an over-the-top 2020 harvest.

    – Livio-