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  • Luca

    24 Aprile 2021 at 05:13

    These structures in California (Napa Valley) are interesting.

    The high summer temperatures and drought make it necessary to cover the grapes from the sun.

    The shoots lean on the fixed wires and are conveyed towards the wider shelves in the upper part of the structure.

    The structure is made of treated steel as to not oxidize and disintegrate over time.

    The reasoning behind this type of structure / system is to increase the “umbrella effect” of the canopy. By having multiple positions for the wires, its opening can be adjusted. This has benefits for air circulation, the protection of the grapes from sun exposure and the ability to control the microclimate.

    Also interesting is the solution at the base of the shoots that come from the same spur: they open in a V-shape, creating space for the clusters, which are not forced between the wires.