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  • Simone

    3 Giugno 2022 at 12:32

    Hello Dimitris.

    what kind of trellis system do you use? Cane pruning (Guyot) or short pruning (Spurred cordon, Bush vine or what else?)

    I can advice you:

    1) remove secondary shoots with a small scissor preserving 2-3 mm of its base so you can support primary shoots’ base. If you remove them with hands you create a hole and the stability of primary shoot can be compromised.

    2) Once you start with the shoot selection you should keep attention to ensure important shoots (for example in the Guyot spur ), tying lightly the shoots to the wires (be careful, not too tight!)

    3) In cane pruning, use longer canes instead of spurs (blind all the buds except first ones, as it was a spur). This is quite good if first wire is quite far, so you can use the blinded cane to tie the shoots.

    4) Be careful, dont’ wait too much to put the shoots straight inside of the wire, it is very important and must be done quickly!