25 Gennaio 2022 at 14:19

    Very good Piet!

    Your idea it’s not bad.

    If you have a cane developed from a spur you created last year you should estabilsh the trunk. Take a look in the relative lession (forming the trunk – strong vigour).

    If your internodes ad long and you cant’ develope the future branches at the adequate height from the ground or better just below, you should anyway estabilish the trunk and let develope some shoots, according with the vigour.

    Take a look in the new trunk : In the vertical part, you must have a bud that is approximately at the right height, or better just below the right height from the ground. In Spring you select the shoots cleaning the basal part of the trunk and you will mantain that shoot.

    Next year you can cut the old trunk with enough spare wood and you will take the cane developed jus below the right height and build again the trunk. In this case you will have the first and second and the second internode that is usually not so long even in strong vigour plants.

    So basically you will have to estabilish the trunk in 2 years.