21 Gennaio 2022 at 08:59

    Hello again,

    Ad 2 Maybe it’s not clear : you should keep all the buds in the vertical part and remove the buds on the orizontal part. Then you choose the shoots in spring In the vertical part as it is described. The orizontal part it is kept only because it is easier to turn the buds in the vertical part. But in fact when you remove the buds from this part it will become ‘dry wood’.

    Ad3 Ok, the point is this: you have to cut off the shoot you don’t want to use as the new forming trunk. The basal buds must be kept or removed according to your goal. If we talk about spare wood the goal is to make it dry and then remove it. If we talk about the old wood you want to keep you, it must be preserved respecting the basal buds during the cuts.

    If you check the pictures I added :

    Pic.A : if you cut in that position in 2-years old wood you should follow the rule of spare wood (Length at least 2 time the diameter). But this internode is very short. So if you cut in that position the spare wood portion is not enough long and you can have a desiccation cone quite deep that overcome the basal part of the 2-years cane. Ok?

    Pic B : if you cut in that position you can have a little longer spare wood that is ok.

    Pic C : if you leave the basal buds in the plant they will grow at he budbrake and there is a possibility that they keep the part of spare wood alive. So you cannot cut it shorter the next season without the same effect I described in pic A.

    Pic D : if you remove the basal buds, you can have a longer spare wood, that preserve the old diagphram (a barrer that preserve the wood below it). In the meanwhile removing the basal buds in the cane you don’t need you won’t have the bud break in that part and this fact help the spare wood to desiccate. So you can easily remove it next year leaving a very short portion, and preserving the old diagphram.

    As I said, if you have to remove a cane in a old wood you want to keep for the future, you should preserve the basal buds, which help the wound to be healed and the desiccation cone is little. If you have to remove a cane inserted in a portion of spare wood that you don’t want to keep you should remove also the basal buds. You will have an efficient desiccation of spare wood. You don’t care about desiccation cone because you will remove that part anyway.