20 Gennaio 2022 at 22:31

    Hello Tecla,

    I try to answer to your questions:

    – The cordon wire it’s the one you want to bend the cordon. In the example is the second starting from ground level. Approximately at 70 CM from the ground. The wire below the is usually used to apply the water dipping pipe. The wires over are a couple useful for the shoots tucking.

    – I can’t understand in which part of no 2 and 3 video you could find the buds blinded. Maybe you are talking about video no 4 ( medium vigour plant with the buds orientated laterally with respect to the axis and direction of the row).

    First of all when you blind the buds it means you remove them and also their basal part, taking off a small part of wood in the cane immediately below them. After this operation (if it is well performed) there won’t be any shoot developed from them.

    It is useful if you need a longer cane for Twisting the buds in the vertical part. If you would keep all the buds, the ones in the horizontal part would develope more than the others in the vertical part, because of acrotony. The result could be that the 4 shoots you need around 25 cm from cordon wire could not develop properly. For this reason you should remove them.

    The case of strong vigour plant It is different. You keep the horizontal part and let the buds develop so that you can grow more shoots. In this way their vigour can be reduced and managed.

    – in video n 8 Marco noticed there is not enough space to make a cut with a sufficient portion of spare wood in 2 years-wood portion. So he decided to cut off the cane not useful for the new trunk removing the crown buds. In this way he can have a little portion more of spare wood and the crown buds removal prevent this part to develope new shoots next spring ( Every time there is a shoot in spare wood it won’t dry) . So it can be dry next winter and you can remove a little more additional part. It’s a good choice whenever two shoots are very close And you have no space for a sufficient portion of spare wood.

    – the choice for training system and the kind of pruning it is connected with : variety, fertility of basal buds, but also production objectives, vigour, soil, climate and also vIticultural tradition

    I hope I answered to all your questions.