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Total duration of the video materials of Guyot VINE PRUNER course and of Spurred Cordon VINE PRUNER course is of about 4 hours each course, including on-demand lessons and 2 webinars. 

Total duration of the video materials of Guyot + Spurred Cordon VINE PRUNER course is of about 7,5 hours, including on-demand lessons and 4 webinars.

Consider also the time needed to complete the tests after each lesson. This time will vary for each student. 

The webinars will be held live in February (winter pruning) and in May (shoot thinning), so the courses of VINE PRUNER level will not be possible to complete before May 2021. 

Yes. After watching the course materials and successfully completing the tests related to each lesson and webinars, you will obtain a VINE PRUNER’s certificate. For the next level courses the students will have to do pruning practice exams as well. 

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For the VINE PRUNER level courses the tests consist in multiple answer questions related to the topic of each on-demand lesson or webinar. There are 8 to 14 questions in each test.

The on-demand video lessons of the VINE PRUNER level courses are presented by Carlo Schioppetto, a SIMONIT&SIRCH technician. The webinars will be held by Marco Simonit.

Yes. All the video lessons are “on-demand” so you can watch them as many times as you wish. The content of the courses will be available for 12 month starting from the day of purchase.

The VINE PRUNER level courses do not include in-person practical pruning trainings. The 2 webinars (winter pruning and shoots thinning) consist in the practical demonstration of pruning and will include a Q&A session. The next levels’ courses will include practice exams to be passed in order to obtain the certificate.

Yes. Contact us at info@vinemasterpruners.com to receive the offer details. 

It is not possible to access directly the next levels’ courses. In case you wish to complete the VINE MASTER PRUNERS Academy’s teaching program, you will have to start from the VINE PRUNER level course. As a member of VINE MASTER PRUNERS Academy you can join webinars with Marco Simonit, access on-demand educational videos that you’ll be able to watch any time you want, and access out digital community focused on pruning – PrunersAcademyCafè, where you’ll have a chance to share your experience with the worldwide community of pruninguys. So this will be a new and enriching experience for you, even if you’ve already attended the SIMONIT&SIRCH METHOD in person.