E-learning the METHOD.

All our courses are based on the SIMONIT&SIRCH METHOD
and its four simple principles applicable to all vine training systems. 

Controlled Branching

Learn to give a defined shape to the structure of the vine, promoting healthy growth with controlled branching.

Continuity of the sap flow

Throughout the structure of the plant. The second principle of the SIMONIT&SIRCH METHOD concerns the continuity of the sap flow, the pathway of translocation between the roots and the canopy, throughout the entire structure of the vine.


Respecting the crown (basal) buds

Learn to make small cuts on one- or two-year-old wood and respect the crown (basal) buds. Precision pruning reduces the area of the exposed wound and the consequent desiccation.


Spare wood

An additional defense for the grape vine. Learn to prune allowing for a portion of protective wood when cutting on two-year-old wood or older wood, to reduce the effects of desiccation.

SIMONIT&SIRCH: our roots.

Founded about thirty years ago by the Italians Marco Simonit and Pierpaolo Sirch, with headquarters in Friuli Venezia Giulia and working in 14 countries, with branches in France, USA and South Africa, SIMONIT&SIRCH is the only international group specializing in and accredited in with manual vine pruning training.


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