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PACKAGE: Spurred Cordon Vine Pruner + Advanced

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Ideal for those who wish to specialize in spur pruning (Cordon).

The package allows you to enroll in both courses at a special price, and it includes:

– all the lessons from the two courses dedicated to Spurred Cordon training system
– access to two virtual trainings (winter pruning and spring shoot selection)
– Masterclass video tutorial by Marco Simonit.

Successful completion of the online tests entitles you to receive your Spurred Cordon VINE PRUNER certificate which allows you access to the practical training sessions in the vineyard and to the exams (to be purchased separately).
Successfully passing the practical exam entitles you to receive the Spurred Cordon VINE PRUNER ADVANCED certificate.



The package allows you to access to Spurred Cordon VINE PRUNER and Spurred Cordon VINE PRUNER ADVANCED courses.
The best of VINE MASTER PRUNERS ACADEMY’s training program dedicated to Spurred Cordon training system, available for you immediately.

Spurred Cordon VINE PRUNER

After completing the Spurred Cordon VINE PRUNER Course you will learn to critically observe the grape vine, its physiology and how it reacts to pruning cuts. You will learn about traditional pruning systems aimed at controlling the vines’ development and the consequences thereof.
You will also learn the fundamentals of the SIMONIT&SIRCH METHOD applied to Cordon and participate in two live virtual pruning lessons.
Total duration of the video materials of the course is about 4 hours, including on-demand lessons and 2 webinars.



With the Spurred Cordon VINE PRUNER ADVANCED course, you will learn to manage the plants’ development starting from the first stages of growth and up to advanced age.
You will learn how to apply the principles of the SIMONIT&SIRCH Pruning Method which promotes branching, with detailed focus on the three phases of a vine plant’s development:

Rooted cutting training and forming the trunk
Setting up the horizontal cordon, monolateral or bilateral
Development of the branching or tertiary structures and its management over the years

Total duration of the Spurred Cordon VINE PRUNER ADVANCED course is of about 4 hours. It includes 12 video lessons and 10 “MasterClass” video tutorials with Marco Simonit.


Attention! The practical session and the exam of the VINE PRUNER ADVANCED course are not included in the Package, but have to be purchased separately in the Exams & Certifications section


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