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Become a Vine Pruner Course

Become a VINE PRUNER Course will help you to lay the foundations of the knowledge you need to apply a Method that will allow you to become a true Architect of the vineyard: a VINE MASTER PRUNER.

Vine Pruner Courses

VINE PRUNER level courses are the first steps on your path of becoming a VINE MASTER PRUNER. With these courses you will learn to observe the vine plants, understand their physiology and the way they react to pruning cuts. You will also learn the fundamentals of the SIMONIT&SIRCH METHOD applied to Guyot and Spurred Cordon training systems.

Vine Pruner Advanced Courses

VINE PRUNER ADVANCED level courses are focused on in-depth analysis of Guyot and Spurred Cordon training systems. The pruning courses will allow you to manage your plants’ development starting from the first stages of growth and up to when they reach elderly age. Purchasing VINE PRUNER ADVANCED courses will give you a possibility to join practical training sessions and sit the exams to obtain certificates (to be purchased separately).

Packages: Vine Pruner + Advanced

The Packages are an ideal solution for those who wish to immediately access the best of VINE MASTER PRUNERS ACADEMY’s teaching program dedicated to Guyot and/or Spurred Cordon training system. At a special price.

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