FELCO Main Sponsor of Vine Master Pruners Academy

The FELCO company was founded in 1945 in Switzerland by Félix Flisch. This visionary inventor elevated pruning shears to be a cutting tool synonymous with precision, quality and durability. His spirit of innovation has remained constant throughout the over 75 years of the FELCO brand existence.


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FELCO is proud to be the Main Sponsor of Vine Master Pruners Academy. Pruning education can be transferred in many forms, but with Vine Master Pruners Academy high quality pruning education is now available online 24/7 to students around the world, educational programs like this are critical to ensure healthy vines now and for the future.

Quality, precision, durability, these key attributes of FELCO are also inherent in the way the Vine Master Pruners Academy teaches the skill and the art of pruning. The Vine Master Pruners Academy focuses on teaching students around the world high quality and precise pruning work to promote the long life and durability of the vines they prune.


FELCO pruning tools are made like a Swiss watch from the highest quality materials, they have extreme precision in their function, guarantee quick healing of the pruning wound., are ergonomic – fit all hand sizes whether left or right, and made to last thanks to every part being fully replaceable. Meticulously made in Switzerland using only 100% renewable energy, FELCO tools are made to last. All FELCO pruning tools come with a lifetime warranty on the forged aluminum handles since their launch in 1945.

FELCO is known by those who prune vineyards around the world. We are very pleased to work with the Vine Master Pruners Academy to introduce new generations of vineyard pruners how to select and maintain their pruning tools for a lifetime, which in turn will help ensure their pruning work is more comfortable, more precise and creates thriving vineyards for the future.

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