We are the only international group specializing in
and accredited with manual vine pruning training.Ā 



Founded about thirty years ago by the ItaliansĀ Marco SimonitĀ andĀ Pierpaolo Sirch, with headquarters in Friuli Venezia Giulia and branches in Bordeaux, Napa Valley and South Africa,Ā SIMONIT&SIRCH is the only international group specializing in and accredited with manual vine pruning training.
The teams work in the major wine-growing areas of the world, where they consult to 150 of the most prestigious companies and collaborates with many of the most renowned wine research institutes and universities. It teaches theĀ SIMONIT & SIRCHĀ pruningĀ METHODĀ applicable to all trellis systems/ vine structural formations.

In 2009 it created theĀ Italian Vine Pruning School, followed byĀ Napa Valley Pruning School (Napa Valley College),Ā UK Pruning School (Plumpton College),Ā Rebschintt Schule (Hochschule GeisenheimUniversity)Ā and theĀ Hungarian Pruning School (Egger University).
In 2016, in collaboration with the ISVV, SIMOINT&SIRCH established theĀ DUTE DiplĆ“me Universitaire de Taille et Ɖpamprage in Bordeaux, the only university Masterā€™s degree for pruning and shoot thinning selection in the world.

Marco SimonitĀ has published two Vine Pruning Manuals, dedicated to Spurred Cordon and Guyot. The French version of the latter, ā€œGuide pratique de la taille Guyot ā€“ PrĆ©venir les maladies du boisā€, in 2018 won theĀ OIV 2018 International AwardĀ in the Viticulture section.

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The international partnership and collaboration between VINE MASTER PRUNERS Academy by SIMONIT&SIRCH and FELCO is officially underway to promote the shared philosophy of improving vineyard life. Thanks to the SIMONIT&SIRCH vine pruning METHOD, the precision of the cut applied guarantees longevity of the vine, while FELCO through its pruning tools ensures that each cut is performed cleanly and precisely.

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