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Study to become a grape vine pruning expert. Learn how to improve your observation of the vine, better understand its physiology and adaptability of the vine training systems. Understand the collective consequences of pruning correctly and acquire the pruning technique which respects the physiology and perennial structure of the plant, according to the principles of the SIMONIT&SIRCH METHOD.

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Become a Vine Pruner Course

English audio; subtitles in French, Spanish & English.

Our Become a VINE PRUNER course will assist you to build the foundation of the knowledge you need to apply a methodology which allows you to become a genuine architect of your vineyard, as a VINE MASTER PRUNER.

Live Webinars by Marco Simonit

2 Live Webinars by Marco Simonit: Saturday, May 6*.
Guyot at 3 p.m. CET & Spurred Cordon at 4:45 p.m. CET.

Live webinars (included in VINE PRUNER courses), focused on shoot selection, are practical training sessions with Marco Simonit directly from the vineyard. Simultaneous translation in English will be available.

Vine Pruner Courses

VINE PRUNER courses are the first steps on your path to becoming a VINE MASTER PRUNER. With these courses you will learn how to observe the vine better, understand its physiology and the way it reacts to year-on-year pruning cuts. You will also learn the principles of the SIMONIT&SIRCH METHOD applied to Guyot and Spurred Cordon training systems.

Vine Pruner Advanced Courses

VINE PRUNER ADVANCED level courses are focused on in-depth analysis of both Cane (Guyot) and Cordon training systems.

Our pruning courses will allow you to manage your plants’ development starting from the first stages of growth and up to until they become established. Purchasing VINE PRUNER ADVANCED courses will give you the opportunity to join practical training sessions and take the exams to obtain certificates (the exams and training sessions are purchased separately).

Packages: Vine Pruner + Advanced

The Packages are an ideal solution for those who wish to access the best of the VINE MASTER PRUNERS ACADEMY’s training program which is dedicated to the Guyot and/or Spurred Cordon training system, immediately, and at a special price.

All our courses are based on the SIMONIT&SIRCH METHOD.


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our SIMONIT&SIRCH PRUNING METHOD published by Italian and International press.

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FELCO chooses Vine Master Pruners.

The international partnership and collaboration between VINE MASTER PRUNERS Academy by SIMONIT&SIRCH and FELCO is officially underway to promote the shared philosophy of improving vineyard life. Thanks to the SIMONIT&SIRCH vine pruning METHOD, the precision of the cut applied guarantees longevity of the vine, while FELCO through its pruning tools ensures that each cut is performed cleanly and precisely.

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